Import (of most) publications of wol.jw.org

Books, tracts, watchtower, awake,... can be imported by one click (incl. pictures if present). They will be useable even if you will be offline. Sdcard can be used for storage location (may not work on 4.4.x)
You can highlight text phrases.
  • Multiple highlight styles possible (even more than default 3) and you can choose colors and style on your own.
  • Notes (on highlight, please touch a highlight and it will opens a input box)


Touch a paragraph and the scriptures for the whole paragraph will show up aside it.

You can scroll the issue text without loosing the scriptures. Notes and highlights are possible in scriptures too. All highlights will be saved to that publication, you can made different notes even if the same scripture is mentioned in different issues.

Touch and hold

  • Touch AND HOLD with your left thumb one of the highlight buttons
  • Highlight with your right hand some text!
  • Release the button and the highlight-mode will be ended. You can scroll again.
You don't need (as in many other apps) to touch the button, release the butten, highlight, touch the button again,... (but you can use it this way if you want to)
'Touch and hold' may be much faster!


  For instance: You have studied the "bible teach book" for yourself, including highlights and notes. Now you want to prepare for two of your bible studies. But you want to have individual notes for each of them.
                  Here comes the study project. You create for each study an own project. If you opened the project you see two new highlight button (yellow background). All of that marks are "Studyproject - exclusiv", means, those notes are only shown if the studyproject is loaded. That way you are able to have different highlights in the same publication and you load those that you need at that moment without been forced to keep/delete notes you ever made and loose overview/thoughts that way.

Simultaneous display of two languages or English Non-/Simplified edition (since version

Simultaneous display of two languages or Non-/Simplified edition on the same page. You can highlight in both separately. If you tap a paragraph the bible links are shown in that language.

Fast change between opened publications

If you change to another publication a shortcut gets created. You can go back to the last 4 publications by touching the shortcut.

Some more...